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2019 Parade

"Christmas Past & Present"

The Following Rules apply to all Entries, with the exception of
High, Middle and Elementary School Bands.  Those Entries can find their
specific rules by navigating to the School Band Tab on the site
menu.  All others should adhere to the following: 




​1.         All entries must be at their line-up position no later than 4:15 pm. All entries are to report to their lineup position via Glasgow Street and Hambrooks Blvd. You will not be allowed down High Street.  The Parade route progresses from Long Wharf where entries will be directed onto High Street, to Poplar, to Race, ending at Washington Street, by Haddaways.


​2.         Entries must be DECORATED in a Christmas theme (lighting is optional). This year’s theme is: “Christmas Past & Present”.

 3.         All entries must have their group or organization’s name visible to the judge’s eye for proper judging recognition. Adding the entry number on your passenger side front windshield will help judges.

 4.         All entries will be allowed to stop in front of the judges’ stand ONLY. You are to make your performance NO longer than 60 seconds. You will be timed and DISQUALIFIED if you exceed this time limit. NO exceptions. (BANDS have different time limits). 

 5.         Entries are NOT ALLOWED to have or display a real-life Santa Claus on their float or driven vehicle. Any entry doing so WILL BE removed from the parade.

 6.         No candy can be thrown from your float or driven vehicle. You may have someone walking next to your entry handing out candy. If any member of the Parade Committee sees you violating this rule, you will be disqualified from judging and removed from the parade. This is for the safety of the children watching the parade!

 7.      No hot rodding, hole shots, or wheelies will be allowed during the parade. This rule is in place to protect spectators. If you are caught violating this rule, you will be disqualified from judging and removed from the parade.

 8.         Mailed entry forms must be postmarked (US Mail) no later than December 1, 2019. Lineup will be posted on the website ( on December 6, 2019 by 9pm. We will also list entry numbers on the Facebook page ( Emailed/Web entries will be accepted after December 6, 2019, however, you will be placed at the end of the lineup and may not be included in the judging or announced.

 9.         Due to difficulties in rescheduling, there will be NO RAIN DATE. (subject to change by committee) 

 10.       ALL ENTRIES are responsible for displaying their own entry number on the right front passenger window of their vehicle for vehicle entries and floats. All other entries should make efforts to display their entry number in an easy to locate place.  We suggest either large paper, Window Chalk, or Large Post Card with black Sharpie.  Numbers should be visible to the Judges.  If the Judges are unable to SEE the number, it makes judging difficult.